Time Reversal

Empress of the SeaTelomere Test/ IV Therapy/ Face Cells/ Skin Reborn Supplements/ Combined Massage Programme

Listen to your cells and see how you're aging. With telomeres playing a role in aging, this age-defying programme includes a telomere test, or a blood test to measure the length of telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes. The test is designed to reveal your biological age. Then, go for body purification with "IV Detox" plus Dii's signature detox massage to energise bodily mechanisms. A personalised IV therapy provides deeper nourishment. Return that sparkle to your looks with Dii's "Homeopathy Face Cells", a skin detox to restore a natural glow to your face. Combat aging with a healthy lifestyle aided by Dii's personalised vitamin supplements.

White Reborn

Empress of the SeaLive Blood Analysis/ Additional Blood Check "Free Radical and Anti-oxidant"/IV Detox & IV Super Perfect/ Homeopathy "Face Cells"/ Facial Massage Andaman Radiance/ Skin Aura Supplements

Gift your skin a healthy aura of beauty through a much-needed dose of innovative beauty and medical care. The programme tackles the root causes of epidermal imperfections such as melasma, determines the threat of free radicals and the need for anti-oxidants through a specialised blood test, and returns a healthy glow to your skin with IV detox and homeopathic therapy. Top it off with "Andaman Radiance", a soothing facial massage for a naturally radiant complexion.


Empress of the SeaPremium NutriHealth Screen/ Bio Energy Scan/ Additional Blood Check/ IV Detox & IV Therapy/Homeopathy Cell Booster/ Growth Factor Therapy (placenta)/ Cell Therapy.

Discover the wonders of your genetic make-up with Dii's Premium NutriHealth Screen. The programme calls up your reserves of energy by combining "Bio Energy Scan" with intravenous (IV) therapy (detoxification) to evaluate your genetic health, diagnose imbalances and prepare your body for age-reversal therapy. Then, reinvigorate the cells with homeopathic therapy. An uplifting sense of immortality is achieved with growth factor and cell-rebalancing therapies.

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